About the Blog

The title of by blog comes from one of my favorite Paulo Freire quotes:

The question then lies in determining how to turn difficulties into possibility. For that reason, in the struggle for change, we must be neither solely patient nor solely impatient, but patiently impatient. Unlimited patience, on that is never restless, ends up immobilizing transformative action. The same is the case with willful impatience, which demands immediate results from action even while it is still being planned…The answer is in the balanced dosage of both patience and impatience. The world cannot be transformed without either one, for both are needed.

–Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Heart, pg. 64

This blog is culmination of my journey as an educator so far. As a career NC public school teacher, I woke up one morning wondering how and the hell I had gone from being a respected public servant to being public enemy number one. In 2011, I entered a doctoral program in order to better understand how and why education policy was taking such a disastrous turn. My goal was to do something. To channel my angry and passionate support for public education into something productive. My education certainly crystalized my understanding of the attacks on public education from both the left and the right and the historical context behind them.

Unfortunately, my education also taught me one, that being an academic was probably not a good fit for me, and two, the voice of academics was being shut out of the education policy debate much like that of teachers. Searching for a way to exercise my newly minted doctorate and find an outlet for my voice, I attended the NPE conference in Raleigh in April 2016. Meeting education bloggers and activists and finding them to be mere mortals like me, I decided it was time to start my own blog. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I sure have some really good questions that need to be asked.

All material posted on this blog is copyright by the author. Reposting is welcome with a link and proper credit.



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