About the Author

I am a lifelong NC resident and have over 15 years of experience as a public school teacher. My background is in visual arts education and most of my experience is at the high school level. Currently, I serve both as an instructor as a curriculum specialist and instructional coach at a 6-12 magnet school.

I have a lot of certificates on my office wall. I have a diploma that says I wrote a really long paper and now my students must call me Dr. Rathbone; another says the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certifies me some sort of superteacher; and another says I was a NC Teaching Fellow, you know, back when my state valued teachers enough to recruit talented high school students and provide them with college scholarship loans. While I am proud of those accomplishments, am more proud of my successes in the classroom and the accomplishments of my former students.

I am not a writer. In fact, I don’t really like writing very much (please don’t tell my students, I don’t think they will appreciate the irony of me giving them writing assignments). I also have a mild learning disability (similar to dyslexia) so I often struggle with editing. Please forgive my typos and I welcome any offers of free editing. 🙂 I am obsessed with all things Lego, play video games more than I should (I will blame my husband for that), and I am a damn fine cook. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter, though I must confess that Twitter drives me crazy (because it can be very hard to decipher).

Rita Rathbone


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